Can I Protect an Agreement?

August 16, 2017

When you decide to enter into an agreement with someone, your rights of ownership in an agreement can be as important as any unique and creative document or other work. You may want to memorialize the contract and freeze its terms to a specific time, in order to make sure it is properly enforced. You may also be concerned that the other party might try to change the terms, and establishing a copyright in that agreement may be a great way to prevent that. That is why we created

Under copyright law, you automatically have a copyright in any agreement you create the moment you create it. It is essentially automatic. Of course, if your copyright is questioned in any way, you can’t simply claim it is yours. You will have to prove your copyright and you will have to be able to prove the date of creation. Any document you might try to protect with a copyright will have the same requirements anytime the copyright is challenged, and an agreement is no exception. By making a deposit of your agreement to the archive, you will always have a pristine copy of your agreement and you will always have a date certain when it was established.

Through our easy to use interface, your agreement can be deposited into the archive in a way that will always provide you with proof of the existence of the agreement, your ownership in the agreement and you will have a perfect backup copy, should you lose your copy for some reason.

Thanks to copyright law, your protection continues for the rest of your life, plus 70 years, and your agreement will be readily available at the click of a mouse on the archive system for a minimum of 30 years. The agreement will be in the care of officers who have a legal obligation to retain your document and every other deposit in our system with total care. The best part is, your copyright protection stretches all over the world and will be valid in all 174 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention. That means a lot of protection for your agreement for a reasonable price.