About CopyrightDrive.com

March 7, 2017

Who We Are and What We Do

Everyone who creates something new and original deserves to decide how it is used and who can derive benefit from it. Copyright exists to protect them from others who might infringe on their rights to their own work. It prevents others from unauthorized use. Everyone will think twice before using your for their own benefit if they know you have an enforceable copyright in the world.

The good news is, as soon as you create a work, you have a copyright in that work as soon as it exists. It’s automatic. The bad news is, if that copyright is ever challenged in some way, very few will simply take your word that you have a copyright. It will be necessary for you to prove ownership in your work and to prove the date of its creation. This is why we created the CopyrightDrive.com system, with the assistance of lawyers and other copyright experts. Together, we have created a service that allows creative people and others to be able to provide proof of their ownership of their work. You can place nearly anything into our archive and know that it is always secure and will be available whenever you need to protect your work in virtually every category of intellectual property.

Of course our system will protect books and other written works, but it can protect almost anything you can create, including musical compositions, designs of all types, logos, videos, computer software, mobile apps and even the contents of your website or blog. You can place important documents of all types into our system and know that it will be protected.

Our company specializes in making copyright registration, easy, affordable and accessible. CopyrightDrive.com is part of a worldwide network of sites that have been long recognized for online registration and archiving. Our secure archive has thus far provided a secure environment that has been able to provide online registration and incontestable legal proof for hundreds of thousands of creations so far.
For years, we have been legally recognized for registering copyrights and securely storing the proof of copyright for creative people in all walks of life. The value of the services we offer through CopyrightDrive.com has been proven time and time again. Our efficient and reliable system provides you with a certification by a public notary, proving both the anteriority and the ownership of the creative work, has been proven.

Our deposit system for copyright registration of creative work has already proved its value to the great many clients who have had to protect their intellectual property in court. Every trial involving a CopyrightWeb.com customer, due to our efficient and reliable system. We provide a date certain of copyright and a certification by a public notary, which proves both the anteriority and the ownership of the creative work.

You Get More from CopyrightDrive.com

When you register and deposit your work into the CopyrightDrive.com system, you receive the following:
• Instant deposit of your work 24/7;
• Your copyright deposit will be certified in real time by a public notary;
• You will have legal, irrefutable proof of your ownership of the work and of a date certain for its creation;
• You will always have access to your archived work and support is available every weekday;
• You will always have a backup of your work, for a minimum of 30 years;
• You will receive a certificate that is good for life plus 70 years, the life of your copyright;
• Your proof of copyright is good in all 174 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention.