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What you get

By Registrating and Archive your creation, you receive…

Copyright Registration by a public notary

Every Copyright Registration is transferred in real time to a Public Notary office, where it is then certified and then sealed for life. This creates a creation date that is easily provable.

Certificate by E-mail

A copyright deposit establishes a date certain for the creation of the property, which establishes priority of copyright and is uncontestable proof of copyright. Proof is certified with digital signature

Link to your certificate

We provide a date certain of copyright and a certification by a public notary, which proves both the anteriority and the ownership of the creative work.

Assistance in the event of litigation.

We provide a date certain of copyright and a certification by a public notary, which proves both the anteriority and the ownership of the creative work

Registration in a directory

Copyright deposits are archived with officers who are obliged by law to retain all documents deposited with them in an integrated way, that is  uncontestable and readily retrievable

Secure Storage by a notary for 30 years.

When you file for copyright protection, your protection is valid for life + 70 years beyond the death of the author. Your work will be in our system for at least 30 years.

How it Works

CopyrightDrive provides a service that allows you to demonstrate both your proof of ownership of your intellectual property and a date certain for its creation.


This file contains your creation.
Uploading your file into our system will protect it for life and beyond. However, when you follow the instructions for uploading into our service, please allow the loading process to complete. After our system has notified you that your document has been saved to our servers, you will receive proof of your deposit within seconds.


Please include all necessary information about the owner.

To register your copyright, please prepare:
– The document(s) to deposit (preferably compressed file format ZIP, RAR).
– Optionally : A representative image of your creation. (This is the only method recommended for designs.


As soon as you do this, your document is immediately signed, copyrighted and sent to the Notary in real time. The original creation has an automatic copyright by the mere fact of its existence. (As long as the work is original, the copyright needs no formality.)


You can access your account and receive your legal proof, 24/7. We also will provide assistance in case of litigation. Your data is stored for at least 30 years in secured servers.


Your copyrighted work is also available in a public profile, to provide you with additional protection. When everyone knows a creative work belongs to you, they are far less likely to infringe on your copyright.


We use the most sophisticated technology to store your creative work. We use the latest storage technology and secure your work using the latest state-of-the-art security technology.

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    Service that allows you to provide proof of ownership of your intellectual property

  • Copyright Registration

    The fact of the matter is, when you create something unique and individual, under copyright law, protection is automatic. The minute you create it, you have a right to decide how it is used and who gets to make money from it, whether that is you or someone you choose of your own free will.…

    What Can Be Copyrighted?

    Most Things Can Be Copyrighted To put things simply, a copyright gives exclusive rights to those who create original works of authorship, which can include almost anything that can be expressed in written form or recorded in some other type of media. Copyright protection is available to virtually any type of creative work, whether it…

    Copyright Law

    Copyright is a legal right created by the law of a country that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution. This is usually only for a limited time. The exclusive rights are not absolute but limited by limitations and exceptions to copyright law, including fair use. A…
  • is independant of any National Intellectual Property Office, US copyright office and from Wipo (World Intellectual Property Organization). Our website allows users to have an anteriority proof for their copyrights or important documents like official document... Registering a copyright at allows you to bring a substantial proof of anteriority on your creative work in case of conflict.

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