Can I Protect a Soundtrack?

August 16, 2017

If you have written and recorded a soundtrack for a film, a musical play or any other type of musical composition, you have worked hard on your creation and you are entitled to have that creativity protected. After all, it is valuable to you. Of course, if it is valuable to you, it is possibly valuable to someone else, and they might try to take it for their own use. You will want to take steps to protect your soundtrack from those who might appropriate it for their own use, whether intentionally or accidentally. That means you need copyright protection, like the kind provided by depositing it into the archive.

Technically, as soon as you create your soundtrack, you have a copyright in it, legally speaking. However, in practical terms, if Someone decides to challenge your copyright, It will be necessary to prove the work is yours and to prove a date certain for the creation and/or first performance of the soundtrack. By registering your soundtrack and depositing it in the secure system, you will always be able to ensure that everyone knows that the soundtrack belongs to you. Establishing copyright prevents others from using it or a soundtrack that is confusingly similar. Following certain steps will protect your trademark and secure your rights.

When you make a copyright deposit of your soundtrack through, the protection starts immediately. Your deposit goes to a public notary, who will then certify its authenticity and establish a date certain for its creation. The people who handle your deposit are legally obligated to handle your soundtrack in a way that creates incontestable proof that you can access anytime you need to. Making a deposit of your soundtrack into the system establishes official witness of your right to your work.

There is more value to your deposit than getting the best possible copyright protection for in your soundtrack. For example, when you deposit your soundtrack into the secure system, you get the most secure backup possible, should you lose the file elsewhere. You also have the option of posting your soundtrack on your very own public profile at the site. That means you can promote your soundtrack in a way that lets everyone know that you are the sole owner and no one can appropriate your work. It shows them that you have the best copyright protection available.

Your copyright protection is valid for life plus 70 years. Once you have established proof of your copyright ownership of your soundtrack through a copyright registration and deposit to, you will always have the ability to prove your ownership of the soundtrack and to protect yourself and your work from unauthorized adoption and use by third parties. The best part may be the international nature of the protection, since your copyright protection is valid in all 174 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention. offers a lot of protection for a relatively small price.