Can I Protect a Pattern?

August 16, 2017

All over the world, the fashion industry has become one of the most important in the world. Millions of people create new fashions for the market and it is among the most competitive industries in every region of the world. That means anyone who creates a fashion pattern or a clothing design should be very careful to protect it to the best of their ability. In a competitive market like fashion, if your creation is valuable to you, it may be valuable enough for others to steal. Not only that, but many different fashions have similar design elements, so you’ll want to protect yourself from charges of theft by others. The best and easiest way to protect yourself and your pattern is through the use of copyright law. This is the primary reason we created; so that the creative people who make unique and creative intellectual property can protect themselves through the use of copyright law

Under copyright law, as soon as you create a unique pattern, they automatically obtain a copyright, at least technically, according to the letter of the law. That said, if your ownership of that pattern is ever challenged, you will have to provide sufficient proof of your copyright, as well as proof of the date you created it, in case someone is claiming they had the idea first. By registering and making a deposit of your pattern with, you will always be able to prove both elements in a way that is incontestable in a court of law. You will not only be able to obtain certified proof of ownership of your pattern, but you will be able to prove a date certain of its creation. When you deposit your work into our archive, it is handled by public notaries, who certify your ownership and the date of deposit. They are legally obligated to archive your work in a way that leaves it in pristine condition. No one is allowed to alter it in any way, including you.

Fashion designers and others who choose to deposit their pattern into our system for protection receive other benefits, as well. For example, the fact that you can access your work at anytime means you will always have a secure backup available to you, should you need it. Your deposit also entitles you to post your pattern on your very own public profile at the website, which means you can display and publicize your work at the same time you let everyone know you have proof of your copyright in that pattern. That means you can promote yourself at the same time you discourage infringers.

The protection provided by a deposit of your pattern in the archive is real and it is immediate. It also lasts for life, plus 70 years. That means you will always have access to proof of your ownership, no matter when you need it, with a simple click of the mouse. The best part of it all may be that your protection is international in scope, since your copyright is valid in all 174 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention. That means you will be protected from infringers everywhere in the world. Deposit your pattern into our archive now, and you will feel the peace of mind of millions of others who rely on copyright law to protect them.