Can I Protect a Musical Composition

August 16, 2017

Composers are always busy and they always work hard to create music. When they compose something they think is special, they should be protected from others who might want to steal their work and use it for themselves. Under the law, any musical composition is automatically protected under copyright law. That means, as the composer, you and only you should decide how your musical composition is used and who derives benefit. If a song is valuable to you, others may find it valuable enough to take, as well. You will want to protect your musical competition through the use of the copyright laws. That makes a great way to protect your song.

Copyright offers the best possible protection for your copyright in your musical compositions, As noted. a copyright attaches to a song the minute you write it, but when it comes right down to an actual challenge to your ownership, you will have to prove that the work belongs to you, plus you will have to prove a date certain for the creation. Whenever you register your composition and deposit it into the archive, you will be able to ensure that everyone knows the song belongs only to you and that only you are authorized to use it. Establishing proof of copyright prevents others from using your composition or one that is confusingly similar.

When you register and make a copyright deposit of your unique and special musical composition into the archive, your protection starts immediately. You have placed the composition in the hands of a public notary who has a duty to preserve your work in the archive in a way that provides you with incontestable proof of both your ownership and the exact date of the composition’s creation. You will always have access to your original work and proof of this certification. Your work cannot be altered by anyone, including you. A copyright deposit in the archive establishes priority of copyright and serves as incontestable proof of copyright. No one can deny these facts in a court of law.

Artists who choose to deposit their musical composition into our system for protection receive other benefits, as well. Your deposit means you will always have the most secure backup available anywhere and you also have the option of posting your composition on your very own public profile at the site. That gives you the option of promoting your work, your company or yourself, at the same time you remind everyone that you have proof of your copyright in your work. You will be able to promote your composition at the same time you demonstrate to infringers that you have a provable copyright.

A copyright protects your musical composition for life plus 70 years,. The best part about the copyright protection you receive With your deposit into the system is that it is international in scope. That means your copyright is valid in all 174 signatory countries to the Berne Convention. offers a whole lot of protection at a price that is very affordable.