Copyright Registration

March 7, 2017

The fact of the matter is, when you create something unique and individual, under copyright law, protection is automatic. The minute you create it, you have a right to decide how it is used and who gets to make money from it, whether that is you or someone you choose of your own free will. However, while you technically have a copyright in everything you create, the reality of the situation is quite different. As a practical matter, if someone infringes on your copyright or decides to challenge it in some way, it will be necessary to provide proof of both your ownership and a date certain for its creation. That makes a copyright registration essentially important.

When you register your creative work with and deposit it into our completely secure archival system, you create a copyright registration that is valid in any court or any other body. You will always have evidence of your ownership, anytime you need it. The copyright registration provides evidence of the priority of your copyright over anyone who tries to infringe on your copyright.

There are numerous advantages to a copyright registration, including the ease of acquiring one. After all, you already technically have the copyright, you just have to make sure the information is part of the public record. Because the registration forms and process is easy, you save a lot of time and money. Also, when you register your copyright, your copyright will be valid for the rest of your life and 70 years, and it will be valid in all 174 countries who are signatories to the Berne Convention.

In short, by registering your copyright and making a deposit into our system, you save a lot of time and money and you will be able to protect your rights for a very long time. Saving money, saving time and saving your work are all excellent benefits, which makes copyright registration a great deal for you.

Everyone needs a way to protect their creations. Getting a copyright registration as soon as possible after creation means you will be protected forever, almost literally. Your copyright registration and deposit is incontestable, which means it deters those who might copy it and you will always have easy access to proof when you need it.