Can I Protect a Testing?

August 16, 2017

When you create a testing, your hard work and your creativity should belong to you and you alone. Only you should decide how your work is used. Copyright is the best possible way to protect it, but you should not trust that someone who tries to infringe on your work will face the wrath of the justice system for their effort. Even though you have an automatic copyright, practically speaking, if anyone challenges that copyright in any way, you will have to prove both your ownership of the work and the date the copyright came into effect. After all, that is why we created the system in the first place; it is the foolproof way to protect your copyrighted testing.

When you deposit your testing into the system, it is immediately locked into our extremely secure system, where it registered with a public notary immediately, who is bound by law to certify you as the owner and to certify a date certain of the effective copyright date. That means you will always prove Your ownership of the work and that you were the first to come up with it, which means everyone who comes after can be found to be infringing on your copyright.

In addition to the best possible protection of your rights, those who deposit their testing into the archival system receive other benefits. For one thing, there is no more secure place to keep a secure backup of your creative work In case of loss or computer failure. Also, you can feature your work on your very own profile at the website. That means you can promote yourself or your company without fear, since you will be demonstrating to every potential infringer that you have the best in copyright protection.

Because your copyright is valid for life plus 70 years and your copyright deposit into our archive system is archived securely by people who are legally obligated to retain all documents deposited in a way that makes your copyright ownership incontestable, since no one can alter it, even you. That means you will always have access to the ability to prove your ownership and your priority. protection is also international in scope, since your copyright in the deposited work is protected in all 174 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention.