Can I Protect a Research Study?

August 16, 2017

The key to everything in our world is based on research. That is true when it comes to science, business or anything else. If you put in hundreds of hours into researching an issue, you are entitled to copyright protection for the results of your work, including the notes, the reports and the articles or books that are created to impart the knowledge you have learned on others. Regardless of whether your interest is a cure for cancer or finding out the best ways to invest money for the greatest return, the methods, data and results of your study should belong to you and you alone. Only you should be able to decide how the information is used and if there is any benefit is to be gained, you should be the one to decide who or what gets that benefit. A copyright will also establish a date certain of publication of your scientific study and establish that all other such studies came after. That is why depositing your research study on is a great choice.

Technically speaking, any time you create a work like a research study, you automatically have a copyright upon creation. However, to be practical, if anyone challenges your copyright or claims ownership of a confusingly similar study to yours sometime later, you will have to be able to prove that you created and own the study and every element of it, and you will have to be able to establish a date certain for its creation. As long as your research study is sufficiently detailed and that you deposit all of its elements, you will always be protected. The type of proof provided to you by your deposit is incontestable in a court or any other venue because it essentially freezes your creation in time. No one can alter it in any way, including you. When you upload a research study into the, you will always be able to prove everything necessary to protect your work from infringers.

Those who choose to deposit their research study into the archive receive other benefits, as well. For one thing, There is no more secure place to keep a backup of your complete research study because you will always have access to it, as it stays on our system for a minimum of 30 years. Also, your study can be featured in your very own profile on the site, so that you can promote your work, your company or anything else, without fear, since you won’t lose your copyright protection.

Copyright protection is valid for life plus 70 years. When you make a copyright deposit of your research study, it is archived with public notaries; people who are under a legal obligation to provide a retention protocol for all deposited documents in a way that makes your copyright ownership incontestable. You can instantly access it anytime you need to, which means you can always prove your copyright. That protection is also international in scope because it is valid in all of the 174 countries who have signed on to the Berne Convention.