Can I Protect a Publication?

August 16, 2017

If you are a scientist who has completed a study or some other work and has it published, you should ultimately have the right to decide how that publication can be used and who can derive benefit from it. Unfortunately, if your publication is valuable to you and/or your company, someone else may decide it’s valuable enough to steal, which means you need protection. A great way to protect any publication is through copyright law. That is precisely why we created

While everyone who creates some type of publication creates a copyright automatically upon creation, the fact of the matter is, if someone tries to infringe on that copyright, It will be necessary to establish proof of ownership and to establish an exact date of creation. Making a deposit with is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect that work. From that moment on, you will always have the proof you need when you need it. When you register and deposit your publication in the secure archive provided by, you will be placing it into the hands of experienced professionals who are charged with a legal duty to keep it safely and securely in a way that means it will be available whenever you need it.

The copyright registration and deposit of your publication will creates a record of ownership and a date certain as to when your copyright was established. A copyright deposit with establishes priority and serves as incontestable proof of copyright. What makes the proof incontestable is that your deposit is always secure and cannot be altered in any way by anyone, even you. The public notaries who handle your deposit are duty-bound to certify the authenticity of ownership and the date of creation and to keep it in pristine condition in our archive.

There are other benefits to depositing your publication into the archive. You will have the most secure backup possible, which means, if you lose your publication due to computer failure, fire or any other reason, you will always have access to a pristine copy, which you can download and/or with a few clicks. In addition, you can post your publication on your very own public profile at the site and rest assured that no one can steal it from you, since you are so well protected. You will be able to promote your publication at the same time you demonstrate to infringers that you have a provable copyright.

Copyright protection is valid for life plus 70 years. Therefore, when you make a copyright deposit of your publication, it will always be available, for a minimum of 30 years. It is archived in a way that means you will always have access to proof of your rights at a moment’s notice and in all 174 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention. That’s right; your protection is international in scope and that is standard with every deposit.