Can I Protect a Patent?

August 16, 2017

Whenever you have come up with a unique idea or invention of your own, you should definitely do all you can to protect your work and prevent others from taking it and deriving benefit from it. After all, if your idea or invention is valuable to you, it may be valuable enough for someone else to steal. That means you owe it to yourself to apply for a patent for your idea or invention. The problem is, applying for a patent takes time and money. In the meantime, however, there is a way to protect yourself while you wait for the patent to come through and become official. The best way to do that is to register and deposit your patent application through

There is no substitute for patent protection, if you qualify. However, it is a long process and you might want to protect yourself and your pending patent in the meantime. As long as your patent application is unique and is described in great detail, you can protect your soon-to-be-patented idea through the use of copyright law. You technically have a copyright as soon as you write your patent application. However, if someone were to come up with a similar idea, you will need more than just your word to prove your rights. A copyright deposit into the archive will certify your patented idea or invention as yours and yours alone and it will set a specific date for its creation. Copyright is among the easiest and most effective ways to protect your work, and offers the best way available to place your patent into a secure environment, so you will always have access to the proof you need. And it is often easier to protect a copyright than a patent. By registering your patent be depositing it with, you create a record of ownership and a date certain when your copyright commences that is absolutely incontestable. And it is a lot easier than having to deal with patent hearings and courts by certifying that you had the idea and that you had it first.

Copyright protection is valid for life plus 70 years, and we guarantee your patent will remain in the archive for a minimum of 30 years. When you make a copyright deposit of your patent, it is archived by agents who are legally obligated to provide a retention protocol for all deposited documents in a way that makes your copyright ownership incontestable. What’s more, your patent will always be easily retrievable by you, the copyright holder, at a few clicks of a mouse, whenever you need to establish your ownership rights. Also, the deposit of your patent into the system is international in scope because your copyright protection is valid in all 174 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention.