Can I Protect a Model or Prototype?

August 16, 2017

Everyone who comes up with a fashion design should develop a prototype of their creation just to see what it will look like in its final form and they deserve protection from others who may want to appropriate their work. One of the easiest and best ways to protect a creative working prototype is through the use of copyright law and one of the easiest ways to protect your copyright is through a deposit into our archive. We have one of the most secure storage drives anywhere and we can provide you with the protection you need.

Don’t be fooled. Everyone needs protection from people who will try to make money by appropriating their work. In the fashion industry, especially, there may be people who will see your prototype and think it’s a great idea and try to copy it, making only slight changes to avoid getting caught. Many prototypes only differ based on slight changes. And while you technically have an automatic copyright in your prototype when you create it, if anyone was to challenge your ownership, you can’t expect anyone to simply take your word; you have to prove your case. Making a deposit of your prototype into means you will always have proof of your ownership of the prototype and the date the prototype was created. And that form of that proof is incontestable.

When you deposit your model or prototype into the archive, the copyright protection you receive is immediate. A public notary, who has a legal obligation to keep your deposit stored in a secure way, will certify your ownership and establish a date certain for the prototype’s creation. You will always have access to your prototype, anytime you need proof, and the copyright deposit will serve as an official witness to your copyright in that prototype. Your copyright is good for life, plus 70 years, so you will always be protected.

When you deposit your prototype into the archive, you get other benefits, in addition to instant proof of copyright. For one thing, if something were to happen to your prototype, you will always have access to a secure backup copy. You also have the option of displaying your prototype on your very own public profile at Think of it as a way to publicize both your creation and the fact that your creation is protected by copyright law. Not only that, but the copyright protection you receive is valid in all 174 signatory countries to the Berne Convention. That means your model or prototype is protected virtually everywhere in the world.