Can I Protect a Formulation?

August 16, 2017

Just about every day, someone creates a new product or a new formulation of an old product. If you come up with a new formulation that hasn’t been done before, you owe ot to ourself to protect it from those who may try to appropriate it for their own use. One quick and effective way to do that is to register for a copyright on your formulation and to deposit it in our archival system at Technically speaking, under copyright law you have a copyright in your formulation as soon as you write it down. However, if someone were to copy that formulation or use it as their own, it will be necessary to prove that you own the formulation and that you came up with the formulation first, which means you will have to prove a date certain of its creation. That is why was created.

As long as your formulation is unique enough, when you register your study and deposit a copy in our archive, you will establish to everyone that the formulation belongs to you and you alone and it will establish a date when that protection becomes effective. A copyright deposit creates a record of ownership and a date certain when your copyright commences and you will always have access to this proof whenever you need it. Your copyright deposit serves as an official witness of your right to your scientific study.

Your copyright in your formulation provides you with protection that is valid for life plus 70 years. When you make a copyright deposit of your formulation, it is archived with professionals who are under a legal obligation to archive and retain all deposited documents in a way that makes your copyright ownership incontestable.

Your formulation will always be easily retrievable by you at all times, whenever you need to establish your rights. Best of all, the protection is international in nature, since your copyright is valid in all 174 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention. That means your copyright protection will cover almost the entire world.